Medical Coding Support Services

RMC’s coding support services cover all types of coding, for any type of need. Our staff are some of the very best coders in the industry, averaging over 15 years of experience, and all holding credentials thru AHIMA and/or AAPC.

We set a standard of excellence with our staff, and hold them accountable for meeting that standard by performing in-house training/education and internal audits on a regular basis. We are very selective in our hiring process, and expect every member of our team to be professional, honest, hard-working, intelligent individuals with tenacity and integrity.

  • Hospital Coding Services
  • Physician Coding Services
  • Backlog, clean-up, staff shortage
  • Temporary: short-term or long-term
  • EMR Data Abstraction/Chart transfer
  • Charge Description Master Services 

RMC has been key in assisting our facility to meet accounts receivable goals both quantitative and qualitative.

RMC Client

Coding & Compliance Coordinator