Health Information Management (HIM) Consulting

Our passion is to support clients with the expertise needed to ensure HIM compliance

Having RMC as a HIM compliance consulting partner is a unique experience. We have set ourselves apart from our competitors with our commitment to stellar customer service provided by the best experts in the industry. It’s our mission to partner with our clients to create compliance consulting solutions to fit any need.

We assist our clients by providing the tools, training and guidance to create a plan that will ensure they are in full compliance. These services may include Fraud Investigation, Program Critique or Development, Compliance Staffing and more. Our consulting services are supported by customized education and guidance that help develop programs designed for the organization to succeed.

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Compliance Consulting Services Include:

  • Development of Compliance Programs
  • Evaluation of Current Compliance Programs
  • Compliance Plan Critique or Development
  • Stark Law Disclosure Analysis
  • Charge Description Master Team Development
  • Healthcare Fraud & Abuse Assessments
  • Coding Compliance Consulting
  • Compliance Investigations
  • Compliance Staffing
  • Privacy & Security
  • Training & Education
  • Clinical Documentation Integrity (CDI)
  • Risk Analysis & Compliance Audits
  • Office Compliance Services
  • Breach Investigations
  • Security Incident Response Plan & Development Testing
  • Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Planning & Testing
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Our Clients’ Success is Why We’re Here

"The dynamics/interaction with my team and RMC is perhaps one of the strongest reasons I continue to utilize RMC for their services, their people. I have rarely worked with a company that has such genuinely thoughtful, kind, helpful employees, and it is always a pleasure to engage with any and all of them!"

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