The CDC has issued an ICD-10-CM Official Coding Guidelines Supplement document to provide instruction on coding encounters related to the Coronavirus Outbreak. There is also a new code for COVID-19, U07.1, that will be effective with 4/1/2020 discharges.

Provider documentation must include: 1) Confirmed positive test of COVID-19, 2) Link any associated respiratory conditions, 3)   Identify the infection was present on admission, 4) Document comorbidities such as respiratory failure, ARDS, COPD exacerbation, PNA, CHF, MI, etc.

U07.1 COVID-19            This code is classified as an MCC

Use additional code to identify pneumonia or other manifestations
Excludes 1:  Coronavirus infection, unspecified B34.2
Coronavirus as the cause of diseases classified elsewhere B97.2-
Pneumonia due to SARS-associated coronavirus   J12.81

Coding tips for before 4/1/20 and after 4/1/20:

Do not code B34.2 Coronavirus infection, unspecified, for COVID-19, as this is documented to be a respiratory condition.

It is important to remember that COVID-19 is a Coronavirus, but not all Coronaviruses are COVID-19.