We’ve all experienced boring training where we struggle to keep our eyes open and compliance or HIPAA training is probably one of the top culprits in healthcare! Every year we’re asking to sit in front of the screen to complete hours of annual training. And is it just me, or are they always the same topics, over and over? So, how can we fix this? Here are a few tips for making your training more effective and enjoyable:

  1. Know your audience. Whether you’re delivering training to all employees or providers makes a difference.
  2. Use objectives. Frame your training with objectives of what the learner will learn and then at the end survey how well you did by summarizing what they should have learned. This will help drive the value of the training and help your employees feel like their time was worthwhile.
  3. Provide real life applications through case studies and role playing activities.
  4. Recognize your audience as adult learners and encourage their participation. Ask them to share prior experiences or expectations.
  5. Allow for different learning styles/preferences (audio, visual, reading, etc).

Finally, how will you know if changes made to your training efforts are positive and effective? Measure them! It’s always a good idea to add an evaluation to your training to obtain feedback from your attendees. Based on the feedback received, changes can be made to improve future training and make sure it’s effective and valuable. 

By Aurae Beidler, MHA, RHIA, CHC, CHPS