RMC’s AHIMA Approved ICD-10 Trainers meet multiple times per week fielding questions from clients and staff.  Below is an actual question that was submitted, along with our team’s response. *

CODING QUESTION:  What code are we using in I-10 for a patient who develops a UTI from self-caths?   The initial Foley cath was removed and then the patient started to self-cath.  I’m looking at code T83.89XA??  Or N99.89 post proc genitourinary complication??  The second code seems more in tune with what we used previously in I-9 for this.

  1. Sepsis (tachycardia and leukocytosis on presentation) due catheter-related UTI (has had prior indwelling catheter which was removed then patient self- catheterizing himself). BP and lactate normal. No fever and leukocytosis better but still tachycardic

– cont IV rocephin pending culture data

– cont IVF       

RMC RESPONSE:  T83.59XA- Infection and inflammatory reaction due to prosthetic device implant and graft in urinary system, initial encounter and a code for the sepsis and UTI would be the best codes for this scenario.

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