Due to the scrutiny of this healthcare compliance area, facilities should organize and conduct some audits on those patients who were sent to a SNF after having a 3-day hospitalization.  

Your facility should be able to pull some discharge data to identify the hospitalization length of stay (LOS) and discharge disposition for each acute care stay.  Drill down and target those inpatient acute care stays of 3 day LOS and with a disposition to SNF.  The acute care documentation will be essential to review/audit carefully in order to validate the CMS requirements have been met and are compliant.

Click this link for more information: 2021-01-21-MLNC | CMS

Once you’re read over these resources and tools from CMS, then you’ll be ready to have a medical coding audit conducted or secure a third-party consulting firm to assist with this work. Contact Reimbursement Management Consultants, Inc. to schedule a medical coding audit today: 800.538.5007.