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Choose Reimbursement Management Consultants,
the most experienced team in Coding Support, Compliance Reviews, HCC/Risk Adjustment, CDI Services, Provider Training and Compliance Consulting.

Coding Support


Outsource your medial coding for increased accuracy and appropriate revenue.

Compliance Reviews


We audit your medical coding history for compliance, accuracy and educational opportunities.

HCC/Risk Adjustment


We help to ensure your documentation and coding practices are up-to-date, accurate and compliant.

With RMC
You’ll Receive
Customized Support.

Reimbursement Management Consultants is known for creating lasting partnerships with our medical industry clients. Our clients are located nationwide and enjoy a wide range of our services, from outsourcing medical coding to providing medical coding audits, CDI support, HCC/risk adjustment services, and compliance consulting. As expert health information consultants, our only goal is your success and we intentionally craft our approach with your team, based exactly on what you need.

We’re Proud to be a Woman-Owned Company,
Based and Exclusively Operated in the USA.

Other Services

HCC/Risk Adjustment

Compliance Plan Development

Profee Education

CDI Consulting


Compliance Investigations

Our Clients’ Success is Why We’re Here

"The relationship between RMC and my staff is a true partnership. We have weekly status calls to foster and maintain communication among the teams. RMC has been a true joy to work with."

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